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The purpose of this corporation is to unite Olympic Peninsula Recreation groups and stakeholders while fostering a collaborative attitude for improved recreational access, stewardship education, partnerships, and volunteer participation.

To support and sustain the economic viability of local communities on the Olympic Peninsula, Peninsula Access Coalition will support and advocate for the use of active vegetation management on National Forest Service lands. Commercial and non-commercial vegetation management are effective tools to benefit local economies, forest health and resiliency, wildlife habitat and watershed health. These activities can also benefit the traveling public through the maintenance and retention of access for management and recreational uses.

Our focus is advocacy, work on trail maintenance, and road access to trails.


Peninsula Access Coalition (PAC) is operated under a self-perpetuating Board. This Board looks to an Advisory Committee for advice and recommendations for the work of PAC. The Board is comprised of the Officers and other members. The Committee will be optional to individual members. Members can choose to be supportive and/or active and engaged through the Advisory Committee. The Coalition only thrives from community. As users and stewards of the back country, we have an obligation to collaborate together for solutions to the challenges we face and to educate the public. There are so many more facets to take into consideration than there were 100 years ago: less access, more visitors, conservation and preservation, reduced agency personnel and budget constraints, laws and regulations, etc. It’s all a balancing act that we need to perform together.


We also should look forward to equipping our future stewards. Mentoring, educating, and training tomorrow’s caretakers is an important endeavor. Getting our youth out to experience the back country should be a visionary goal.

The Peninsula area user groups and organizations do a great work on their own. The vision for this Coalition is that it can be a gathering place for all users to collaborate and address common matters.



Peninsula Access Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit

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