2020 has presented us all with challenges. We continue to maintain and strengthen our current partnerships in this opportunity of growth and change.


As we put together the basics and get some ground under us this first year, we will operate under a Board driven membership and decision making structure. The individual membership will act as a support and information link to what is happening. There will be opportunities for volunteering on different projects and ways to present your input as members. Transparency is key and will be a sustained platform.


As outdoor recreationists, we all face the same access challenges. Gathering our voices and resources is a productive and efficient step forward. The Coalition by its very nature will provide a think-tank for solutions as well. While our focus will be on maintained trails and roads, our spectrum is wide to include stewardship, volunteering, conservation, education, and more.


Stay tuned – we will update you soon and we thank you for your support!

Mitzi Schindele

Pete Erben

Nancy Erben





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